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Hotel Imperial Vienna X Sveva Gargiulo

Experience Hotel Imperial, a Luxury Collection, Vienna from a different perspective with the incredibly talented Sveva Gargiulo @sveva_gargiulo, demi-soloist of the Vienna State Ballet @wienerstaatsballettofficial, one of world's leading ballet companies.

Camera art by @christoph_tryx.

@imperialvienna @sveva_gargiulo @wienerstaatsballettofficial @christoph_tryx

pierluigi gargiulo : Tanto lavoro, tanto amore per la danza
Artist Reni Bifamo von,Artist Revue,MONACO : Sponsors

Hotel Imperial - Trailer [HD] Deutsch / German

Liebe, Intrigen und jede Menge Herzschmerz in einem Südtiroler Luxushotel zu Beginn der Jahrhundertwende: Die komplette 12-teilige Dramaserie über die dunklen Geheimnisse einer Hoteliersfamilie ist die opulente Neuverfilmung der TV-Erfolgsserie "Grand Hotel".

Eigentlich möchte der junge Pietro nur seine Schwester Catarina im luxuriösen "Grand Hotel Imperial" in Südtirol besuchen, wo sie als Dienstmädchen arbeitet. Doch bei seiner Ankunft stellt er fest, dass sie das Hotel vor einiger Zeit verlassen hat, nachdem ihr aufgrund eines Diebstahls gekündigt wurde. Kurzerhand nimmt Pietro die Stelle eines Kellners an, um die Umstände ihres Verschwindens zu erforschen. Ihm zur Seite steht die schöne Tochter der Hoteldirektorin ...
Monique Leemarshall : Wundervolle Serie. Bei Netflix heißt die "grand hotel" leider mit anderer Besetzung und Namen... aber dennoch selber Handlung
Sonne Mond und Sterne : Wieder muss man die Serie kaufen.
Zari : So this is another version of the Spanish show Gran Hotel. How cool!
Дарья Пулукчу : Жаль что без перевода
Clementine Clark : Wo kann man die Serie streamen????

Imperial Hotel Tokyo - A Frank Lloyd Wright Legacy

Frank Lloyd Wright's historic Imperial Hotel Tokyo, including rare vintage film and photos. Narrated by Kenneth Ray (courtesy of Charles Rivers Editors). Completed in 1923, it survived the Great Kanto Earthquake on Sept. 1, 1923 and B-29 firebombing raids in March 1945 that destroyed half of Tokyo. During the post-war Occupation the Imperial served as an American military billet. But, by 1967 it fell victim to old age and was demolished. The iconic main lobby was reconstructed in Meiji-Mura architectural park near Nagoya.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
hungrysoles : The Imperial Hotel was one of Frank Lloyd Wright's great masterpieces. It dhould have never been torn down. Let's hope there is a Japanese billionaire who is an admirer of Wright who will commission the rebuilding of the hotel as it was originally designed.
Fremont : Memory of being taken there when we lived in Yokohama; had to be ‘51 or ‘52. I would have been four or five. Big open room with high ceiling had to be the lobby. A koi pond somewhere as well. Too young to know then or appreciate Wright’s genius. Have tried to visit every one of his designs since wherever I’ve lived or traveled.
mf lanese : We had dinner every Friday night at the hotel’s Prunier Grill. And we lived in the hotel for four weeks when our home in Komaba was being renovated. Wonderful wonderful memories.
John Green : Stayed at the new Imperial on my first visit to Japan in 1975, just 5 years after it was built. Now I wish I’d gone 10 years sooner
JapanBrats : Imperial Hotel Tokyo, a place I vaguely recall as a very young boy on the odd weekends when the folks would take me downtown. I remember this much: The scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and strawberry and whipped cream-topped blintzes were to die for.




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